There are a few things that make me shake my fist at the radio, or at my computer screen if I happen to be reading news online.

I know it looks stupid, but outrage overcomes decorum at certain times.

Today was one of those days.

I came across an article about a Drag Show that is being put on at the University of San Diego. The Supreme Drag Superstar 2 is to be held at the Shiley Theater on campus.

It seems that many people at the Catholic-founded school are upset by this. So upset that folks have mobilized and are planning a prayer vigil. That’s right. A prayer vigil.

My outrage wasn’t due to the fact that people at a Catholic University objected to a drag show in their midst (though if that’s the case, here’s a novel idea… DON’T ATTEND!)

No, what had me¬†shaking my fist like some palsied gold prospector from ’49 was this:

People were maimed and killed in a terrorist bombing a little over a week ago.

North Korea is threatening (whether credibly or not) to hit the US with nuclear missiles.

There are roughly 925 MILLION hungry people in the world.

Genocide in Darfur continues.

Indeed there are many, many terrible things happening the world over – and yet here’s a whole group of Christians at USD who’ve decided that putting a stop to a drag show is the most important thing for which they can pray.


Dadblamit, it makes me mad.